Wednesday, June 25, 2008

anthems not bangers

Hello. It's been a while. Working hard and sometimes hardly working. That was stupid but in reality been busy with putting together our art show Tropical Apartments, as well as moving into a new house in the wonderful neighborhood of Highland Park. Anyways I came across the following clip, while watching other clip of a John Norris did with No Age . I was really impressed with both John Norris's interview skills as well as Bradford responses. Also remember when John Norris was doing stuff for Extra. I feel like Bradford offers the most comprehensive response dealing with popular culture and how it's viewed by the youth. I can't really do his comments much justice, please watch to see what I am speaking about.
I loved both of Mr. Cox's two past records, both Deerhunter as well as the Atlas Sound record. He is definitely one of the most prolific song writers of this generation. You will be doing huge disservice to yourself if you don't at least check his stuff out.

Atlas Sound-Balcony mp3

Atlas Sound- Canal mp3

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