Sunday, February 10, 2008


One thing that I've been thinking about lately is the how young males are protrayed in the media. In the LA Times today about the deaths of Heath Leger and Brad Renfro, both in their mid to late twenties. I guess it makes me wonder if people like Leger and Renfro will come to represent something signifcant in culture for their generation, or rather my own. I have to say that I do idenifiy with I guess certain amount of presure and expectations. How does that cause younger males today how to react? I don't know, but I wanted to find other examples in the media of male behavior. Thank God, for MTV, right?

I think shows like Life of Ryan and Rob and Big are representive of male behavior to a certain extent as well but for different reasons. For Rob and Big, it's a show that I think embraces the inner-man child that we are condiction for a varitey of reasons at bay. To be serious is to be taken seriously is be a man. In many ways Rob and Big is the anthensis of that. Totally embracing that childness that is counter to much of perhaps the traditional of male.

Life of Ryan, another MTV show, also skatboard related, followes the Ryan who is a teen pro skater dealing with family and a personal life, along with being famous. I have to admit it's a little but too much at times due to fact that he already has so much at his fingertips that it harder to realate too. Especially when it makes his personal problems not that diffcult. But what I think what it tells about males is that of aniextiy that is distintivly males I guess. It's a nervous akwardness that is diffcult to escape that in real life. Thank god for reality TV, right? If not what would I have to blog with.

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