Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dreams Lost in Paradise

I have been recently giving thought to the genre as true crime. My mom showed me this article today that appeared in the LA TIMES this weekend.

I was really struck by the story. In the first place you a group of young people that have so much at their finger tips that it seems unimaginable to most, but it is for that reason that makes them believe that makes them highly capable of this act. I guess in many ways it easy to see where these people come from. It is the idea of community that I think I can relate to. The whole story plays like some type of Shakespearian tragedy, which is what really drew me in.

It's long article but I hope you have the time to check it out. Big ups the people who wrote and contributed to it.It's the most gripping narrative I've read recently.


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crapface said...

I read this article as well and was incredibly disturbed. In many ways I was shocked and yet I related to several of the accounts in the article(obviously not the part when Lary Clark finds Brad Renfro in Tennesse after 3 days of shooting up coke). Although I have become disapointed with Dr. Drew's recent selling out of sustance abuse patients on VH1. I have for many years belived that he has said many important things that few have the balls to say. That is that our generation is faced with the most critical health pandemic that this Country has seen in a while, and that is substance abuse, more increasingly prescrition medication.